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About This year's featured speakers
I hand-picked speakers and influencers at the top of their game. They're leading experts in the world who'll show you how to unlock your relationship potential & leverage your communication skills with strategies that are working well right now!

Despite their busy schedules, each of these speakers jumped on board for this event and promised to teach their best stuff. All I can say is, you’re in for a treat!
Catherine Mattice
Founder & CEO
Civility Partners

"Partnering With HR to Create a Workplace Where You Feel Safe"
Shawn Huber
High Performance Coach and Hypnotherapist

"Your Internal Argument"
Gail Miller
CEO, Business, Diversity and Career Strategist

"How Unconscious Bias Impacts Hiring and Corporate Culture"
Sally Williamson
President & Founder of Sally Williamson & Associates

"Personal Branding"

Richard Peachey
Head of Business Development, CMP

"The future is now: Employee Activism, Psychological Safety and Conversational Integrity"
Deb Falzoi
Dignity Together

"What to Stop and Start Doing to Stand in Your Power"

Penny Tremblay
Workplace Relationships Expert

"The New Workplace Sandbox Strategies - Conflict Resolution from the Inside Out"
Rachel Smets
Clarity Coach

"Create a plan to escape from a life that isn't fulfilling to a FREEDOM lifestyle. Live your life without asking permission"
Kathleen Bartholomew
Kathleen Bartholomew, RN, MN

"What Was That You Didn't Say? How to Respond to Non-verbal Gestures"
Kyle Benson
Intentionally Intimate Relationships

"How a Stress Reducing Conversation Can Help Work and Home Life"
JoAnna Brandi
Certified Chief Happiness Officer

"Happiness in the Workplace"

Amy Castro
Triad Communication

"Conquering Conflict: Overcome your Natural Tendencies for Effective Conflict Resolution"
Linda Crockett
Founder, CEO, Consultant, Trauma Therapist 

"Preventing the Psychological Hazard of Psychological Harassment"
Ritu Riyat
Health Education Specialist, Founder: The Stress Detox

"The Stress Detox: Take Back Control"
Rob Pennington
Psychologist & Partner

'3 Keys to Relationship Success"
JJ Brun
President & Chief Operative
Decoding Human Capital

"Making Sense of Your People Puzzle"
Robin Hills
Director, EI4Change

"Exploring Empathy"
Marie Gervais, PhD
CEO Shift Management Inc

"Identifying and Releasing Emotional Triggers"
Dan O'Connor
Owner, Dan O'Connor Training

"How to Shut Down Rude, Insulting, Passive-Aggressive People"
Chris Hadnagy
CEO, Chief Human Hacker

"Human Hacking, How to Win Friends, Influence People and Leave Them Better for Having Met You" 
Joyce Odidison
President and CEO, Interpersonal Wellness

"Interpersonal Wellness"
Christine Burych
StarlingBrook Leadership Consulting

"Leadership Behaviours;
Intention vs Impact"
Jeff Harry
Workplace Positive Psychology Play Consultant

"Dealing with A holes at Work Using Play"
Alana Hill
Director, CEO, Principal Consultant

"Leading Change"
Bonnie Artman Fox
Workplace Conflict Expert

"How Did My Family Get In My Office?"
Tammy Dunnett
Founder & CEO Relationship Revolution

"The Art of Conversation in Conflict Resolution"
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